I decided to develop my own yacht simulator and want to share my findings of sailing physics and its implementation using the Unity game development platform. Sources are available on my GitHub: https://github.com/vlytsus/unity-3d-boat

Though I read tons of blogs and books regarding ships & water physics there are almost no examples and explanations about sails & wind forces. So, I decided to do the research and post here the results.

Let’s review the most important forces and components that should be implemented to make yacht simulator more realistic:

The importance of Unit Testing in software development is not ignored anymore. Almost each programming language in backend & frontend projects has its own unit testing frameworks. Nowadays software developers use unit testing mainly as a TDD tool to prove their understanding & correctness of program basic building blocks — classes, component’s & units. Test-Driven Development is a new architectural style. Even if you are not an experienced software developer using unit testing will force you to develop in a more abstract, encapsulated & low coupling way. Usually, it leads to better reusability, increases the courage to code refactoring &…

Recently I’ve been trying to configure the new Spring Boot project to work with embedded ActiveMQ to send and receive JMS messages. To send messages I used Spring JmsTemplate. For simplicity, I send simple String messages:

Nowadays Apache Kafka is popular as a fast and reliable messages broker. However, if you need to make deal with transactions it is better to rely on old-good (and often heavyweight) JMS solutions. Also, it is possible to use ActiveMQ as an embedded JMS broker to your Spring Boot application without complex environment configuration which is required for Kafka.

So, to test transactions…

Victor Lytsus

Software Developer & Team Leader

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